Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

For days I have been thinking about Father's Day.  At work there have been special floral arrangements for dads - a '47 Ford Pickup model and even a mini, red Weber kettle grill.  I never would have thought about flowers for my Dad for this celebration.  But an aromatic barbecue in the backyard....mmmm followed by one of his favorite desserts of pie or ice cream or both.

The barbecue tradition carried on for my husband, too.  Nearly every year from 1991 on, we celebrated Father's day at Lake Powell with our wonderful friends on the houseboat.  Almost always by unanimous decision of the three dads - London Broil, baked potatoes, salad and french bread - all done on the grill (except the salad of course.)  We started playing early at Lake Powell - the water is most calm early in the morning - a ski before breakfast, which was always huge and yummy and then more play time or a nap or a round of "Scum." 

These were days made of wonderfully sweet memories.  Sometimes we had brought gifts with us, definitely cards - but what I treasure most and I think Alvis did too, was being on the water with his family.  His children were his greatest blessing.  He loved being involved in their lives and having fun.  He loved being a kid with them - pulling them skiing or wakeboarding, cliff jumping and floats through the narrow canyon walls with the music bouncing off of the sandstone cathedrals.  He loved being their father - to listen and talk to, to protect and enjoy every day with.  As our children grew older and started moving on to college, he often said he wished we had more children:)  

I was able to talk to my Dad today.  At 99, he is as brilliant as ever - always thinking of designing something that would work better (usually an automobile) or how to make our world a better place.  He is in the process of writing another letter to our president.  His ideas and thoughts about the future of our country and what will be here for his grandchildren and great children are thoughtful and clear.  He diligently prays for our president and congress every day.  My dad blesses me in every conversation and visit.  

At church this morning,  our pastor asked how I was doing.  He is a very compassionate man.  He really does take the time to know his flock.  I awoke early this morning thinking of Al and Father's day.  My heart aches for my children.  No cards to buy or games to play or gifts to wrap.  I hurt for them because I know they had the best dad ever and they miss so much.  You don't think about missing a holiday, until the one you love is gone.

The sermon this morning was a challenge for fathers to be godly men - men who love and devote themselves first to God and then to their families and by this their children will learn to be godly men and daughters also.  He called wives and mother's to be godly women and be submissive to their husbands as  onto the Lord.  The lesson brought tears - because I miss Al so much and the godly father he was to our family. I would have enjoyed celebrating with him today.  

So today, in celebration of something Alvis would have enjoyed - Michelle and I went to Sonic for lunch!  I even had a hot dog:)  

Thank you Father for my father, who makes me laugh and smile all the time and for my husband who made our lives better everyday just by being him.

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  1. Barbie, this is so sweet. Father's day at Lake Powell was undoubtedly the perfect way to spend such a valuable celebration of the father's in our lives. Those memories are far more valuable than gold. Al truly was an amazing father for the kids and it shows in the husbands the girls have picked (and will pick :) and the man Ryan has become. All of us kids were blessed to have him as a "second" dad.