Saturday, October 1, 2011


Learning to live….

Living has taken on a completely different image for me the last four years.  Learning to live without my love and best friend – learning how to get up everyday and find purpose -  learning to believe that joy can be found again – learning how to hopefully be a better person than I was the day before - learning how to live each day to honor my heavenly Father and desire to be His humble servant.  It is a journey - that I am learning.

Alvis lived every day to the fullest – whether in his work as a surgeon, enjoying his children and all their endeavors, on the ball field with his team or working in our yard.  I am trying to remember to live this way, too.  To find joy in all those around me, to find contentment in everyday tasks and pleasures and to not falter in the life that God has given me.  

Today, again, I will look for joy, love and laughter as I relive memories of Al – because this is what I remember most about him – his contagious smile, goofy antics, his sincerity in his work and his deep, unashamed love for God and his family.

We are choosing to do things today, that we know Al would want to do - so we are starting our day with breakfast potatoes and wakeboarding, followed by a cross-country meet, a Hall of Fame induction for a great coach and probably tacos for dinner!  

I love you, Sunshine.

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