Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun times with Ephraim and Selah!

This past month I have had the chance to visit Amy, Forrest and the munchkins a couple of times.  These munchkins crack me up!  They are non stop from the moment they get up until they crash into bed.  In between they play cars, baby dolls, soccer, basketball, paint, create messes of all kinds and occasionally stop to eat:)  They truly enjoy each other - well there is of course a few squabbles but Selah will put herself in time out or sit with Ephraim when he has chosen poorly.

On my last visit, Ephraim (Effa, according to Selah) had his first T-ball practice - if there is a ball involved, he is ready to play ; Selah marched right over to the playground - it is a bit worrisome that she has no fear of falling or tripping - and climbs up and over things that I am sure are meant for older kids but she scrambles all over the jungle gym and slides as if she has been doing this for years!   Who taught her how to lay across the seat of the swing and fly?  She just makes me smile.

Ephraim did a great job of listening to his coach and following directions - running the bases to warm up - he of course led the group with one other little guy.  (First born of two first born parents!)  It was a little chilly so in some of these pictures he looks cold but given the ball and a chance to throw - look out!  This little guy can really throw - and hard!  His first throw to his coach was launched perfectly and as the ball smacked the coach's glove even he said Whoa:)

Ephraim throws right and bats left handed - pretty clever - could be pretty handy as he grows up:)

I am so big!
On my own!

Watching and waiting ....
Getting ready...

The wind up...
Running past his coach:)
Not so sure about this...

I'm flying!!!!

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