Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finding Serenity

Sunday afternoon I was enjoying a beautiful evening down at the river - the boat traffic had all but disappeared and the sun was warm and inviting still.  The barn swallows were racing to gather small insects to feed the little ones crying out for dinner from their nests on my neighbors boat house and the fish were jumping to try and beat them to it!  Above me our national bird was dipping and soaring playing in the wind drafts.  It was so completely calming and lovely.  Witnessing nature interact with each other - all God's plan - was being played out like a well rehearsed orchestra. To top it off - that majestic eagle - swoops down and skims the river glass and reaches down just below the surface and snags an unknowing trout!  Dinner for him and maybe his eaglets down stream.  As my daughter and I watched we both apologized to the fish - "we're sorry this is your last day" but  awed by God's wondrous plan.

Sometimes we find it hard to be still - to stop and just enjoy the day we have been given.  To be thankful for the "treats" of everyday life.  God has placed them before us in so many ways - small blessings that we might not have even noticed - but they are there for our joy.  Finding joy in everyday has become a goal for me.  I don't want to let one day slip by and not recognize the gifts He has given me - no matter what size or shape or sound.

It is not always easy - there are days when I think if one more thing breaks down - I might just have a pity party, too.  But, He has not forsaken me and when things break and plans fall apart or I am simply tired and lonesome or overwhelmed - He bears me up and reminds me to come to Him.  He knows every detail of my life and when I will need to come crawling to Him for restoration.  Then he opens my eyes and heart to see what gifts He has laid before me today - grandchildren smiles, giggles, stories and hugs.  Family gathering for a meal.  Unexpected lunches with friends. Family home for a visit.  Projects completed.  Warm sun filled days.  Flowers everywhere and water glistening like diamonds spilling across the surface.

Some may think I am crazy - but I have found one of my very favorite places to find serenity is while working in my garden - just pulling weeds and pruning and planting.  A friend of mine refers to it as my sanctuary.  This is where I spend time with God.  Time to praise Him, time to question and ponder what direction my life is going, time to be thankful.  Amongst the weeds, worms and bees I become calm - believing and reaffirming that He has promised to know when a bird falls from his nest, He has also promised to know everything about me.  Maybe He lets the weeds grow so well in my gardens so I will come and spend time with Him!

This is my prayer for you....To find time to relish the gifts God has given you - even if it is the rainbows we see in our little ones bubbles.  Spend time with Him and His word.  He desires to share it with us and get to know Him.  Rediscover what brings you joy and rejoice in the moments of serenity - your little ones playing together and not squabbling, gathering together at the table for dinner and conversation, time outside to really see all that He created for us to enjoy and relax in, the beauty of the intricacies of a single flower or birds soaring and singing or a favorite piece of music..
the list is endless.

Enjoy the journey as you discover how to find serenity - with God - as your director.

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