Friday, July 17, 2009

July in Jackson Hole

We have returned from Jackson Hole. Each day has been filled with memories. My kids - daughters, grandchildren and sons in law - really helped me pull things together so the yard would look beautiful for the rehearsal dinner. We did a lot of weeding, spread nearly 50 bags of bark, and even planted a few flower pots. I wish I had taken a picture of the gazebo, island and the lawn. I think it looked wonderful. (Thank you Forrest and the gang for spreading all that bark and fixing the waterfall!) Ryan once again made the yard look picture perfect with all the pruning and mowing.
Somehow in the midst of working we did manage to have a few moments for play, too. I loved being outside with the little ones playing on the swings and in the wagon - begging to go higher or faster. I loved being with my sisters all in one place - although our time always seems too short and hurried. I truly think a trip for ourselves is in order.
I know I didn't sit still very well in Jackson - to let myself be quiet allowed my heart and head race of how things should be - with Al in the midst of the craziness and taking care of all the little things. I am so thankful for my family who helped me complete all the tasks I had given myself so we would be ready for Alfred and Bailey's beautiful wedding. There was a huge part of me that was doing this for Alvis. I know that he would have been working like crazy had he been there and I wanted to make him happy. Kind of silly knowing that he is walking in God's most glorious gardens everyday - but hopefully we made his blue eyes sparkle.
Thank you all very much.

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