Monday, November 30, 2009

An Unruly Choir!

While I was visiting my Dad, I wanted to do something with flowers for him. He has wonderful "Birds of Paradise" blooming in his yard and a variety of berries or blossoms on his palm trees - so my plan was to create something contemporary and whimsical.
Well the only vase Dad had which was tall enough was a beautiful cut glass piece but it was an oval shape which soon became my nemesis!

Collecting the "birds" was not a problem but gathering the berries from the palm trees was -to say the least - ridiculous! I never knew that the palm fronds had short spiky thorns that were really sharp and trying to stay on the ladder and saw through the stem was not an easy task! My sister, Cathy, was great at encouraging and steadying the ladder and keeping me laughing.

We nicknamed the flowers, "The unruly choir" because they really didn't work well in the shape of vase I had and continued to move around no matter how many leaves I tried to stuff in.....

So in this picture I really do think they are laughing at me and singing their own version of "I'll do it my way!"

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