Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have had the privilege of working along side several great people in a ministry called GriefShare. Last fall I was invited to be a part of the leadership team -which was really God telling both Bonnie and Anne (leaders who have been in this ministry for 17 and 8 years respectively) and me that I should invest myself in this ministry. Last night we concluded a 13 week series and wanting to do something special - so we orchestrated a pot luck dinner, the video, sharing memories, music and a message from one of the pastors.

I was asked to help decorate the tables with flowers - simple but Spring-like.

Six tables and a buffet table....At first I was going to use the daffodils in my yard but they were starting to fade so I chose tulips.

Last summer when my nephew was getting married we used little carafes filled with daisies as centerpieces at the rehearsal dinner. They would be great for this gathering, too. Using two tulips in each of the jars was just enough for the small tables. For the buffet table, using a clear round vase, I filled it with 20 plus tulips, a little bear grass and just let them fall gracefully to the sides. A trick I learned in one of my floral books (I love perusing these at book stores and even purchasing a few) is to gather all your tulips in one hand, cutting the bottoms so they are the same length and then with your other hand, twisting the lower part of the stems while holding the top of the stems stable - giving the stems interest in the vase and also providing stability for arrangement. Set them into your vase and let them decide where they land. You don't want to have your stems too long or they won't fill out the center of the arrangement. We presented Anne with this arrangement as she is taking some time away to help at a summer camp with her grandsons.

A single carnation with a loved one's name tied with ribbon.

It was an evening filled with emotions - of love and memories and pain - yet in remembering clinging to our God of hope - that someday with Him we will be joined together filled with His love and only joy!

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