Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Left over flowers - Yeah!
Today I played around with flowers again - using the tulips that had been in the small vases and recombining them into two other vases. Using the same design idea but different containers gives the flowers different moods...well a little anyway and where I placed them in our home.
This one is on my kitchen table. The sun was shining for awhile yesterday and I love how it danced among the flowers.

A second grouping of tulips in the dining room. It would look better with out the table cloth on the table but that would have required more effort!

And then sometimes I just want to gather some flowers and just put them in the vase and let them figure it out! The carnations were from the previous evening combined with blue bell flowers that are now blooming outside my kitchen window.

It has been a fun couple of days playing around with flowers - choosing how to use them and not stressing a little if the customer is going to like them!

Realizing that it is still snowing in Wyoming and Idaho - Spring will come - but maybe a bunch of tulips from the store will help tie you over!

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  1. such beautiful flowers Barbie! I just love the bright colors. You are so talented.