Friday, May 14, 2010

For Ryan and Emily

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit with Ryan and Emily and heard about their recent travels to Croatia.  I could still hear their enthusiasm even after being back for a few days!  They both have incredible pictures.  It makes me want to jump over the "pond" and see it first hand.

Ryan asked me if the lilacs were blooming in our yard - which of course they are (but are a little battered by several downpours and windy days) - these photos are mostly for them....

The front yard in bloom.....

Dogwood, lilac and weiglea


Poppies and Iris


  1. Are those gerbera daisies? I didn't know you had them in your yard. And weiglea is a funny word.

  2. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I wish we were there to see it. I love the various green colors the trees are on the mountain side here, now that all the snow is gone. But I miss the flora of the NW.