Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing Better than Family

The past month has been really busy for me with wonderful trips to see my daughter, Colleen and her family in Wyoming, working a lot (Proms, graduations and Mother's Day) and a quick trip up to see Amy and her family for Mother's Day and Selah's dedication.

Michelle surprised me with flowers when I returned from Jackson (so I wouldn't be doing my own at work:) ) and Ryan sent me flowers this week on my day off.  How fun to still receive flowers from my wonderful family - especially when they made sure I wouldn't be working!

Some little memories from my travels....

Simple joy, simple toys......bubbles!

Selah's dedication... Praising God for His faithfulness.

Raina - getting more expressive all the time...

Sadie enjoying one of her favorite things....yogurt!

Can a little girl really have too many sunglasses?

1 comment:

  1. We were so glad you could make it. I love Sadie's lips covered in yogurt and Elisa's fashion!