Saturday, June 5, 2010

With Rain Comes.....

How is it that it is June and I still have only two flower pots planted?  Its called RAIN!  It hasn't just sprinkled or been a refreshing shower - the kind that makes the air smell so wonderful - it has been down pour after down pour.  Parts of my lower yard is over grown with tall grass - and the hillside is well - needing attention.  I promise to try harder to brave the rain and get busy.  The river is incredibly swollen creating a flotilla of huge trees, beaver dams and debris which seem to be in a race for the finish line. The reflection of the trees in the river form a blurred vision of what is real and what is mirrored.  The water may soon be nipping at  the top of our first series of stairs from the dock.

Today was beautiful.  This white clouds leaving soft trails as they drifted eastward against a pale blue sky. The warm sun encouraged many to spend the day outside - taking walks and doing errands.  I could see them from inside my windows while I was working.  If I have to work on a sunlit Saturday at least I am still playing with flowers and getting my hands in the dirt!   I did work on several different arrangements and was honored to pull together corsages, boutonnieres and a small little posy for a 7 year old flower girl.  (The couple is getting married tomorrow - it is both their second marriage -but God's blessing - they are marrying each other again!)  Although they just came in today to request flowers, I was excited to have the chance to help with their simple requests.  It was also a day filled with sorrow for many.  We had done flower arrangements for  four different families and each had lost someone much too early in their life.  The love the community felt for these men and women was clearly evident - an abundance of sweet fragrances as tributes to their memories.

Yet, with all the cleansing rain, the flowers are still trying to bloom -  although they may not stand as tall or be as big - they are persevering.  During the past month I have had several days that filled me again with how much I miss being a wife to Alvis and our lives together and how alone I feel; and yet God has called me to be here and when I don't feel like standing tall, He will be here to help me persevere and He is my cleansing rain.

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