Thursday, September 9, 2010

Weed Whining....

This has been an interesting summer for me....a very cool June and not spending enough time outside in my yard - which left me with a huge weed disaster and then a lot of traveling in July/August which contributed to my weed disaster - and the only real flower designing I was doing was at work.  My garden is not flourishing as it should be.  Maybe because it was so wet in June and then in July when I was just about to embark on several adventures the pump for the sprinkler system died and along with it several plants.  Things started to recover when we lost power for a few hours due to a sun flare ( or something like that) which seems to have fried the circuit breaker to the greenhouse.  The sprinkler problems always seemed to announce themselves on a Friday afternoon....thus leaving me to try and get all the gardens watered - not very successfully.  I guess one could officially call this whining - sorry.:(

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