Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Gift of Travel

I never would have believed I could be in so many different places in one short summer - but I did.  So many varying emotions were washing through me - but I am so thankful that I made each trip - all wonderful and all so different.

Jackson was first on the list.  Of course, I wanted to spend time with all the little girls and their parents.   We read stories and played outside and made a trip to the park to wade in Jackson lake and ate ice cream in the town square.  It was what every Nana dreams of.
Elisa and Sadie braving the cool water
Precious little lady at Jackson Lake
Smiling, sweet Raina

There was a second part of my journey that was both heartwarming andt bittersweet.  With the help of a wonderful friend at St. John's we were going to finally have a tree planted in remembrance of Al.  Between Liz, the operations manager and the landscaper we decided on a beautiful spot near the front walkway of the hospital for a flowering choke cherry tree.  My hope of finding a spot where visitors, staff and patients could enjoy it and remember the man who's skills, smile and laughter may have touched their lives came to fruition that afternoon.  The prayer I had written was embossed on a thin layer of brass and bound to a granite boulder.  It turned out beautifully.

Most importantly, though, were all those who came once again to honor Alvis.  Friends, colleagues, his softball team and even one person who had not met him but had heard so many wonderful things about him came to pay tribute.  Dr. William Neal, who spoke with tenderness of his relationship with Al and claiming him as one of his heroes; some of his softball team members shared stories of his love of the game and his medical skills being used on the fields and in the dugouts. Reverend Jack Swan, a previous board member at St. John's gave a benediction incorporating Al's character and life example with the Seasons of the chokecherry tree.  My heart was warmed in recognizing how everyone there had been touched by him and their hearts were missing him, too.  I will not forget this afternoon.

With a Thankful Heart
 A Physician’s Prayer

Father, you granted me the opportunity to mend those who were broken,
To straighten and strengthen the framework of your creation.

You guided my hands, mind and heart
Permitting me the wisdom to apply stress where needed
 or a soothing hand of reassurance.

You equipped me with knowledge to perform the tasks laid before me
Knowing that this gift was also from you.

You filled my life with treasures –
My family
My friends,
The medical and hospital staff,
And the Jackson Hole community.

Father, Thank you for allowing me to serve you here.

In loving remembrance of

Alvis R. Forbes, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon

November 29, 1950 – October 1, 2007

Enjoying dinner with family and  friends.

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