Monday, April 18, 2011

Once a upon a time....

Goodness, it has been a very long time since I last posted.  I don't know why - I just couldn't sit down and write.  There were definitely different things going on in my life - trips and visits with family to issues with being a homeowner but my heart wasn't in writing.   Maybe today.

Maybe, because the sun is actually shining outside!  Maybe because my taxes are done (although writing the check will not be fun) Maybe because a friend is giving me an opportunity to bid  her wedding flowers or maybe and most importantly my daughters were all together for nearly two weeks with all the little ones and Ryan will be home in 12 days!  Now is a time for smiling:)

When our house is filled with family - there is so much joy!  There is of course a lot of chaos, laughter, smiles, tears and screeching - but I love it.  Witnessing little cousins develop friendships - knowing somehow that there is nothing better than having instant friends- ones that will be there to play with when you when you wake up in the morning is even better.

Observing Elisa, now five, take on the role of protector for Ephraim from the bugs that had him nearly paralyzed in fear, certainly made this Nana realize how much she has grown up already.  Two one year old little girls (Selah and Raina) charging after each other and demonstrating their independence;  Sadie, 3, always reading - a book off of Nana's shelf, often upside down and telling the story of Laura and Mary (Laura Ingells Wilder); Ephraim and Elisa "crashing" the remote control cars until I found little silver pieces on the floor - are only little glimpses of the memories we made.

Keeping 5 little ones entertained when it is totally soggy, wet and just dreary outside provided a few challenges but trips to an art studio, a bouncing house (for toddlers), cookie baking, a carousel ride and a trip to the Tacoma Zoo all helped.  Throw in one fun filled cowboy birthday party at my daughter's home and the trip was filled with memories.

Now feeling rejuvenated by their company - maybe I will actually finish the other blog posts I started and never quite finished.

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