Sunday, March 15, 2015

Continuing my journey - time to write again....

How can it be that I have not actually written in over two years - two years that have been filled with many new wonderful moments so why haven't I written when there has been so much to celebrate?  I think, for me, I sometimes have a hard time letting myself truly celebrate all the joy God has graced me with when the one person I really treasured celebrating with was watching from the heavens wrapped in Christ's arms.

Ryan and Emily were married - it was glorious - so many family members and friends came to Emily's grandmother's farm to celebrate with us.  The farm was beautiful, the back drop of the mountains - seemed to envelop us with God's creation, the crystal blue waters of the river glistening just behind the wedding couple shone with Christ's blessing for them and all of us who witnessed their marriage vows. 

September 8th - so much to be thankful for and to be remembered and most of all to be celebrated.  For thirty-four years we had celebrated our anniversary this day and I was and am overjoyed to celebrate it now with Ryan and Emily and through their love and commitment to each other - there is much to rejoice!

New little ones - how thankful I am for the new lives we have been blessed to love and raise.  Hope Julianna arrived in a flourish July 28 - Mom and Dad racing to the hospital - literally!  What a bundle of love and fun - sweet, gentle and loving mixed in with a little bit of impishness. Now she will be turning three - hard for this Nana to comprehend sometimes.  Now, we are awaiting the arrival, again in July, of baby Wachob number five - if this little one is a precious little boy - mixing toy trucks and lots of blue - he will be a wonderful surprise - and if a fifth little princess arrives we will be overjoyed as well. A quiver full!

In early June, Kinsley Ann joined her brother and sister to add more love and laughter to their family.  She is the spitting image of her big sister and now approaching two - full of antics and smiles.  Life is never quiet with these angels and if it is - mom and dad better go check out why!  

So why haven't I written in two years - I am still not sure - a part of me feels that when I put my thoughts down in print - that I can't take them back and I don't always want to face what is going on in my heart and to share that with my family and friends - questioning myself if it was okay to be celebrating with my heart so full of joy and still honor my beloved husband...God has been tending to me for awhile.  I know His desire for me is to be so full of joy and understanding of who He is in my life and that the love I have and cherish for Al will always be present -  reflected in the gifts of newly married children and new babies and the blessings of growing families He has already showered me with.  So now I  am beginning to write again...pressing forward toward the life God has blessed me with consider it all joy.


  1. I loved reading this Barb. With your words you have expressed many of my feelings. We certainly didn't ask for the holes in our hearts with "our guys" being with Jesus but we are responsible to keep on living until we meet them again. Our grandchildren certainly remind us of the cycle of life. I feel blessed to have reconnected with you. Because of Him we go on.

    1. I am thankful we have reconnected, too. I hope one day we can actually get together and visit and give each other a huge hug.

  2. This is a beautiful blog, Barb! Thank you for sharing it with me.