Monday, March 30, 2015

The Blessings of a Learning Curve

So many things to learn...

In my dream - opening Blossoms and Blessings was going to give me the opportunity to share my love of flowers and  their unique language while ministering to a newly engaged couple as they plan out their celebration.  Somehow I believed I could maneuver my way through all the steps without too many hiccups!  Well I have a lot to learn.

Registering for the license wasn't too bad once I actually spoke to someone and had a few questions cleared up - but that was the easy part.

Figuring out taxes, accounting details, business cards and even a web site has been a little more daunting.  Thankfully, I have family to lean on and walk me through some of the biggest early steps - without them - well the web site especially might never have happened - at least not without a lot of tears.

Bringing my dream to reality has resulted in lots of computer time - which has been a blessing  - perusing pictures from some of the weddings I have done (outside of the weddings through the store)  - many were family or friends - friends close enough I considered them family - joyful celebrations - all unique.  

Starting to write again - another blessing - taking time to be thankful for the gift of being part of someones wedding day and for Christ's blessing on these special couples. Being able to share a little of their love story as witnessed through my eyes makes their pictures more memerable.  Taking time to actually reflect on what God is doing in my life and putting my hopes and fears into words continues to bring healing and joy.   My God has never forsaken me - and I desire to be His vessel.

It has been several months since I have worked in the flower shop and God has blessed me during this time with refreshment with my family both here, in Washington and Wyoming and a very special trip overseas.  There are still a lot of things on my to do list most of which do not involve setting up my new adventure - but they will get done - now hopefully without all the pressure I was carrying before.   A blessing of time.

So I have discovered  I have a pretty big learning curve to master  but God in His wisdom is showing me there will be  blessings all along the way.

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