Thursday, August 20, 2009

True Blessings

This past week started out with a few challenges - trying to get the camper out of the garage to check out what was broken, trying to find someone who could repair it before the weekend and organizing part of the garage. I did manage to move the camper out and discover the problem but was unable to find a repair shop that could even look at it let alone repair it for another two weeks. That was a challenge yet I know that Amy, Forrest and Ephraim had a great time camping using their tent and Ephraim slept for 12 hours one night! Thus the blessing!

Onto organizing the garage - so once I had the trailer back in the garage and because I had previously moved "stuff" around, I decided to try and put some order to the shelves. Well things were going ok, until the shelf fell down on me and the two coolers (which have sat peacefully up there for over a year) collapsed and landed on me. I said (to myself) "Alright then, I will clean this up a little and head to Home Depot to buy a shelf that I know will not fall from the wall." The blessing was that I really did want to put up some more shelves in that spot so now I had the opportunity and the bruises on my arms are only slightly greenish blue now.

I still tried not to be upset - although I did wonder why these things happen when I am only trying to take care of our house and "stuff".

The last calamity of the day was moving a simple box of boots over to a corner in the garage but alas I bumped a small wooden collapsible table which then fell against my shin and made a nice carving on my leg down to my ankle. This time I did not hold it together and cried out why am I having such a day when I only want to take care of things. I was upset with Al because he was gone and not here to help me and upset with God because Al was with Him.

Now really if Al had the day to spend with Jesus over helping me in the garage --how could I really be mad at him? Somedays I feel that I can still hardly breathe yet those days I know that Jesus is somehow holding me up a little more.

Nothing really awful happened to me - I survived the crashing coolers and tables and was able to laugh a little about it the following day (after my pity party!) But the real blessing that afternoon was spending time with Ryan at the nursery and Home Depot and having my neighbor bring over the most gorgeous star gazing lilies from their farm. They truly are the biggest blossoms I have ever seen. They were so beautiful I didn't even want to try and rearrange them. Thank you Daisy.

Thank you, Jesus, for providing the moments in my life so I will stop and recognize your blessings.

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  1. I love you Mom!! Day by day this too shall pass....and I help you with the garage shelves when I get back....a lot of that is my junk too. :) You are the best and I will see you soon!