Monday, August 31, 2009


Following the road God has planned for me has taken a direction I never imagined - I thought somehow my life would continue on the path forever - at least until Al and I were very old and we would join each other in Heaven after we had spent many more years happily here on earth. But my plan was not God's plan.
These gladiolas remind me of that - the yellow ones so bright and standing upright - heading in the right direction. The glorious fuchsia colored one I found lying on the ground bending in three directions yet still determined to bloom. Is this what God wants from me? Even when I am down, I must continue with His plan for me with determination and "bloom where I am planted!"
I couldn't leave the fuchsia blossom outside - it couldn't stand up - so bringing it in to join the others and letting it bend in all directions makes me smile when I walk past it.
I am pretending that this is a very contemporary design making its own statement!

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