Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sunflowers and Herbs!

I have this crazy part of our gardens that is full of miniature sunflowers that dance atop 10' spires! I really did try to keep them tied up this year but they have still found a way to flop over and fill the pathway! I love them anyway. They remind of a daisy in their delicate petals (daisies are a favorite of mine) but they are so tall. I found a few black eyed susans to fill in and give some more interest.

I also have a wonderful herb garden outside of the kitchen - so I cut some of the sage, rosemary and thyme to use for greens - plus it smells heavenly - I often wonder how wonderful flowers must smell in heaven - I bet even daisies will smell sweet!

Needless to say, this arrangement is in my kitchen. I tied the stems together before placing it in the vase. I love how it looks just like a handful of gathered flowers - right from the garden!

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