Saturday, September 19, 2009

From the Garden!

I really wanted to try and do a large arrangement with all kinds of flowers - the problem lies with having blooms that are tall enough and sturdy enough and still from my garden (the most inexpensive kind!) to create such an arrangement. I spent some time wandering through the paths of my garden and decided that a shorter but full arrangement would be a better choice. I chose pinks, purples and whites and added some great greenery and "feathery" branches - I love these tall slender branches that are adorned with a tender variegated leaf and now are bursting with delicate little flowers. I collected an assortment of blossoms and started cleaning the stems and soaking them in water.
Next - choosing a vase - why is this so difficult for me? I chose to use "oasis" this time - for the practice - and finally decided on an oblong crystal bowl. Al and I had picked it up at a "seconds" shop in Germany when we lived there.
After about an hour and a half and a few more trips to the garden - I finished it! Some of the flowers should have been picked a few days earlier so they would last longer in my bouquet but overall I think it turned out ok. Included were pink rose buds, dahlias, hydrangeas, white roses, a pink flower that I have no idea what it is, sedum and blue astilbe.

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