Sunday, September 27, 2009

Over again...

The calendar says it is fall and today the sun is brilliant but there is definitely a change coming - it is no longer the soft warm breezes of summer but the brisk winds of the northeast that are threatening to call an end (hopefully temporarily) to summer's warm days. The cooler evenings are bringing changes to my garden as well. The hydrangeas bright blues are now subdued greens and lavenders and many leaves are dressing themselves in golds and reds.

My last arrangement had a few hydrangea blossoms and as they dry so wonderfully on their own - I saved them to use again - adding some of my favorite roses from the yard. They are a soft delicate white with very tender pink undertones. I love how the delicateness of each flower compliments the other.

Some may call this recycling but I am choosing to call it re-using.:)

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