Monday, October 19, 2009


Sometimes it is all about the container. I have always loved pitchers. I am not sure why but I love the fact that they can exude a warm country feeling or elegance to a table setting. Collecting started with a wedding gift from my college roommate - a beautiful cut crystal pitcher that was so elegant to me - something I would have liked to display in our "married student housing" bungalow but it was really much too regal and we had absolutely no place to put it. Thus, it stayed in a box with a lot of other pretties until we had a home of our own. While living in Germany, we travelled to many wonderful towns and cities and I collected a few more - a favorite blue pottery piece from Southern France and of course another crystal piece from Germany near the Polish border. Al enjoyed gathering beer steins so we have a few of those on shelves also.

Part of my fascination with pitchers is that they are not required to hold a beverage - although I use them almost daily for that but because I can envision them clustered together on a shelf or most often filled with flowers - either with a whimsical display of dancing daisies or overflowing with tulips bending in all directions. They are uniquely beautiful in their design and as with many flower arrangements - will help set the mood of an arrangement.

This weekend I chose one of my daughter's pitchers - a milky white round bellied type - and filled it with a gathered arrangement again from the yard. Who knew that I would still be able to play with flowers from outside my door in October? I have learned that the graceful blossoms outside my bedroom door are Japanese Anemone (so of course I bought a few more plants to scatter near our new retaining wall). Along with the anemone, I included a few hydrangeas, dahlias and tendrils of jasmine. It looks very similar to the flowers I did a few weeks ago - but is much more relaxed - a gathered bouquet.

I should be outside taking care of a new crop of weeds but it is fall and shouldn't they be hibernating now? Instead of being annoyed with weeds completely this time, I find myself enjoying the dried varieties and think they will look nice in a "fall" arrangement. Who would have thought with all my complaining about weeds that I would now consider them a blessing!

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