Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday I was blessed to receive a request for an interview at one of Newberg's flower shops. It will be tomorrow morning- I am already a little nervous- but also excited for the opportunity. So I headed to the store and purchased a couple bunches of flowers to practice, practice, practice! I made a small corsage - nothing too fancy - I wanted to practice wiring and taping flowers. I also made one larger bouquet - to be viewed from the front and a small bud vase design. The pictures aren't the best but I think the flowers turned out ok. I will have to do a design for Erma tomorrow so I needed to put in some time ..... thinking about the vase, style and shape. I would like to do one more hand tied bouquet before tomorrow! I do love playing with flowers and actually I like the bud vase design - I tied the flowers together with some bear grass, letting the ends act as a ribbon. Ok................ well we'll just wait and see!

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