Thursday, October 8, 2009


Thursday, October 1, marked two years that my Sunshine left this world to join our heavenly Father. I still wake up and reach for his pillow - dreaming that somehow I could be wrong and he will come home today. But he is home. I wonder how could these days have all passed. I wonder how it is that I am still here - isn't it time for us all to go home?

Every day - several times a day - I still wish my life was different and that I was sharing and planning dreams with Al - yet with each day I am trying to cling more to God and to His promise that He has dreams for me still. I wonder if I am missing what they are because I long for the moments that Al and I would think and talk about our plans for the future. Listening for God's voice to direct me yet still wondering how this could be.

There certainly have been blessings this year - my family and of course the joy of little grandchildren, and meeting new friends with hearts full of compassion and understanding and old friends that continue to pray and check on me. I am blessed to have all of these people in my life.

Our family, missing Colleen, spent the day together - holding on to memories of things we knew Al would have enjoyed. We went to the beach together and God blessed us with a beautifully warm sun filled day - we attempted to fly a kite, played frisbee, chased Ephraim away from the water and had a great lunch at Mo's. Later at home, we took a brief ride on the river - Ryan and Emily braving the cold water to wakeboard followed by a simple meal of tacos - one of Al's favorites. I felt that Al would have been happy knowing his family was out doing things together as he would have loved to do. I felt we should be celebrating Al's life with us and holding tight to our memories of him and making some new memories, too.

Alvis left me with his incredible example to follow. He treated everyone with respect and dignity and thoughtful consideration. He had a contagious laugh and enthusiasm for learning new things. As I tread softly through my life now, I hold these attributes close to my heart remembering Al and to live as Christ would have me live.

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