Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Blessings

The last two weeks have been busy. Hosting bon voyage parties for Emily and Ryan, seeing Amy's volleyball team be inducted into George Fox's Hall of Fame ( I am sure Al was grinning his big smile) and traveling to Forrest and Amy's to help prepare Ephraim's and the new baby's rooms for their new arrival. It is good to be busy.

I titled my blog Blossoms and Blessings because I was starting a new adventure with flowers and because I really wanted to be aware of the blessings God provides me daily. Being busy is a blessing - especially when I am able to serve others. I am thankful that my daughter requested some help readying their little ones rooms - it was good to be with them and work along side each other and thoroughly enjoy the wonder of Ephraim as he "helped" us. God certainly has covered my life with blessings with each of my children.

As I read Colleen's message on her blog, regarding Erik's trip to Kenya, I am in awe of their faithfulness to God's direction in their lives. I have so much to learn from them as I venture on my path. Learning and leaning on the faithfulness of my Father.

Michelle continues to warm my heart with her unselfish desire to reach out to young people and opening her heart to the young girls in the youth group that they too may be filled with Christ's love to truly know and follow Him. Listening to her tender voice sing God's praises is soothing to my soul and fills me with His contentment.

Ryan, even though thousands of miles away, I feel his love for his family through his voice during our phone calls. I miss him very much and yet how wonderful to hear his voice and know of his adventures and when I figure out Skype - to see his smiling face! The blessing of technology!

Each continues to bless me and shows me through their lives how I should be a blessing to them and to others.

The past few weeks at work have been filled with the opportunity to create a lot of floral bouquets...all with different reasons.
Twin bouquets for a new brother and sister duet, lots of corsages and boutonnieres for young, excited teens heading to their first dances, graceful roses for birthdays and just because, but also for so many families who have lost a loved one - some who have lived a long life - yet still so hard to say good-bye and some so very young and so unexpected. Each time I am asked to make a floral arrangement for these families, I am reminded of all the love that was bestowed on us when Alvis died so suddenly. I am trying to be so careful and thoughtful to these families, and my desire is to offer each of them a prayer for comfort as they travel this unknowing road. I pray that I will be a blessing to them.

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